Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Back -- Thoughts About Facebook

Hello everyone....I am back!! Sorry I have not posted any entries lately..I guess the hurricane happened and had no internet access for weeks...never got around to getting back to it...hopefully I will become regular at it again..

I have been concentrating more on my Facebook account. Many folks speak the evils of it. I myself have found it rewarding. I have reconnected with some long lost friends, and my high school alma mater FB friends are even talking of a reunion...I have had some major financial disasters recently so not sure I can pull off the trip to IL. We'll see! My Facebook has enabled to have more in-touch fellowship in Christ as well! I say that these internet sites are only as evil as one allows them to be...people talk about the impurities and pornography, etc. But these folks are the ones not fleeing temptations as scripture calls us to. I for one have no desire to go to those sites as I have other purposes in mind. Mind you, I still have to guard the amount of time spent on the net and its appropriate use, as opposed to my time alone with the Lord and His written Word. But Facebook has been nothing but positive for me! Just a few thoughts!!!

Until next time,