Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'M BACK!!!!!

Hello everyone!! I'm back!!! I have been realizing it has now been a few years since my last posting! Guess I just never felt like I had anything interesting to say! A friend and I were just discussing blogging experiences. I thought I would give it a shot again! Now that I write this, I am trying to determine what to say. It is rather difficult as I contemplate some changes in my life and I do not feel ready to share as of yet. I guess I need to request prayer from all you readers (or should I say both of you!?!? How many of you are there!?!) Over the last few years, I have pretty much settled here in Texas and decided this is my home. I would prefer to live in a different neighborhood. Now that I have my own house, I now know what my preferences in a home are, and I find myself visiting new home models in new subdivisions. Depressing sometimes that I am upside down in this house and cannot afford to move at this time. Praying for the Lord's provisions. But trying to be mindful about trust and contentment in the Lord. Speaking of contentment, I have reached contentment in my singleness. I think I learned this significantly from a good friend I met 4 years ago, David Sepe. He was only a couple years younger than me and was very content as a single man. Before his coming to Christ in salvation, he had been married briefly. Anyhow, God brought this buddy in my life for me to know him just long enough as he went home to be with the Lord suddenly. Quite a shock it was, but I marvel that this heavenly minded man was ready to go be with his Creator. Being that it was shortly before Christmas, I had days later gone to a Christmas performance and as the choir was performing the Hallelujah Chorus, I suddenly imagined him singing along in Heaven with his signature ear-to-ear grin in perfect bliss. I had to laugh because while here on earth, he would poke fun at his own singing voice (though I myself never had opportunity to hear what his singing actually sounded like). Having said all this, I am shocked to find myself these days seeing relationship possibilities coming my way and contemplating actions. I have been confused as to what the Lord has for me in that regard. Please pray for wisdom! Blessings, Paul